Renewable Energy
Caring for and protecting our planet earth, Alpha Group Weigh offers a series of products and services respecting the environment and non-renewable resources. Solutions that adapt to every need of our distinguished clientele.

The use of high technology and science makes it possible that today Alpha Group Weigh can bring to the market, high quality products, and low cost, thanks to the use of alternative energy sources. We use in our production processes of wind and solar energy, so, we put our grain of sand to save the planet.

The low cost of many of our products makes it possible to use of ecological technologies in the production and manufacturing process of our products. This results in win-win results. Our customers win by offering better prices, and our planet wins by conserving its non-renewable resources.

Alpha Group Weigh wants to create awareness and responsibility not only in its clients but also in society in general, about the importance of taking care of the environment, and educating through campaigns about the use of non-renewable resources and inviting them to use alternative sources of energy in everyday life.

We believe in a better world, where corporate responsibility is an essential part of every company, Alpha Group Weigh will continue working to conserve and protect the environment and its natural resources, so that future generations can continue to enjoy our wonderful planet.